The Dor Vahdor DELUXE Full Screen Promo. We released the Supernatural Fantasy Official Dor Vahdor Promo that featured Incredible Artwork; not featured in the book, The Shamayim Suite, Dor Vahdor Main Theme, and War Themes! IT IS POWERFUL!!! This PROMO is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD. (It’s not enough to complain about the state of fandom. You have to create something.)

Official BaldbookGeek Dor Vahdor Volume I Review:

“It merges fantasy, history, myth, it merges all of these adventures and fuzes them into this mind meld of a stunning book.”
Review also includes the Epic Trailer

“Beautifully Crafted, Fascinating, Reads like a Simarillion of Genesis.”

Mr. Jay Shere of The Story Geeks

Volume I: “Epic, Fascinating, Thought Provoking,” with “Sprawling Battles!”

WARNING: LUCIFER Spoilers at 09:23.

BaldBook Geek:
“It’s great storytelling; it’s big, it’s splashy,… it’s original, it’s beautifully written, it’s stunning…and it keeps you on your seat.”
Featured at minutes: 1:34-3:15
Shout Out From The Story Geeks ”You’ll Dig Dor Vahdor”
Great Highlight from Jay Shere during this feature of “The Art of Storytelling [discussing ALIEN COVENANT]” @ minutes: 24:20 to 27:20 at the link below:
“I had this one question I thought to myself, what was Lucifer’s motivation from actually turning away from God what was the motivation behind that behavior, and its crazy because he (the author) gave me this and it’s literally about that…”