Interior Manuscript Illustration Formatting

Novus Renaissance is proud to offer self-publishing support services through its Literary Reconquista Publishing arm for Illustrated Manuscript Formatting for self-publishing paperback, hardback, e-book for Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble platforms.

The interior layout of your self-published book helps you present your work most professionally. This process is even more complex when adding main and supporting illustrations and personal touches of art that make your book unique to you as a writer and artist. Proper formatting requires a critical balance of words and images in the original document. Incorrectly formatted documents result in a poor reader experience and may cause sales channels such as Amazon or Barns & Noble to reject your book.

In formatting your paper, hardback, e-book interior manuscripts, many elements of interior design and sales must be considered, such as style, image size, graphic use, font usage, paragraph spacing, margins, and more. In addition, technical specifications must be followed, depending on the type of devices you want to target and the sales channels where you want to sell.

While we do not offer full-blown editorial services, we edit to minimize self-publishing conversion problems before they occur. We strive to meet or exceed the paperback, hardback, e-book standards and specifications for Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble platforms. We ensure the underlying interior formatting will function well when converted for these platforms.

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  • Before you send your file for an estimate, check your manuscript for spelling and grammatical errors before you send the file to us. Important! We do not correct these. Make sure you are sending us the final version of your manuscript. After you send us the file, changes can increase your costs once we begin to work on your project.
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We provide custom quotes for each job. However, for your convenience, here is a range of possible fees you will be charged. Note that no work is done without a written quote and your prior written approval.

What is involved in our formatting and conversion of an interior manuscript for a physical, digital or e-book?

  • Interior formatting (margins, spacing fonts, file type, styling, and image placement)
  • Cover design (size and pixel specifications)
  • Conversion (programming for ePub2, ePub3, audio encoding, animation, and more)
  • One hour of consulting on distribution
  • Uploading a file to two client publishing accounts
  • Additional services such as scanning older book pages or typing $300-$900
  • Additional Services changed beyond the original quote are done on an hourly rate of $60.00/hr.
  • Includes a $60 Literary Reconquista general service fee, an integrated paragraph describing Novus Renaissance LLC and its website, two required LLC and Literary Reconquista Publishing recognition images.

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