A year in the making, Dor Vahdor Volume I is one of the few book series of our time that strove to create a complete musical language that would be the soul of the “Creation, Angels, War” story. The soundtrack beautifully compliments the book and fuses one’s mind to the pulse of every aspect of tempo and emotion that begins with the first page and climaxes with the last. Featuring the talents of Andros Vatta, Andros has brilliantly crafted vast and simplistic music themes that epitomize the human story while experiencing the divine.

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The Dor Vahdor music of the Main Theme and Shamayim Suite are epic Illiads at the crossroads of adventure, mystery, majesty, and mighty power designed to pair Volume I books (chapters), and are available at the link:


Featuring the musical talents of Louis Viallet, Novus Renaissance ushers forth the superb main series theme anthem of Dor Vahdor and the world of Preflood Earth.

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This fantastic composition crafted in the grand cinematic style of The Ten Commandments, El Cid, The Magnificent Seven, Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus rises among the masters.  The main theme anthem music is to the Dor Vahdor-verse as the epic themes of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and James Horner are to Sci-fi…crucially indispensable.  It allows one to listen and cast their imagination into a nearly transcendent experience that connects the mind with the euphoria of emotions a person experiences from the story and illustrations.  Dor Vahdor Volume I: Creation, Angels, War is released on Barns & Noble and Amazon, and the music is designed to complement the plunge of one’s mind beyond the Kozmos and drive your imagination deep into the epic depths of Preflood Earth lore in an adventure beyond the limits of your imagination.

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