Premier of “Dor Vahdor Lost Legends & Sagas of Preflood Earth (2021)” Epic Trailer

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Novus Renaissance Unleashes It’s Official & Epic Dor Vahdor Series Trailer! The Upcoming Premiere has enabled watch and chat live with other viewers as this upload is shown for the very first time.
During these dark times when Phans are crying out to end the blaspheming their sacred franchise traditions. We bring thee a shining light of NEW Supernatural Fantasy and Spectacular Science Fiction.
Novus Renaissance is the new platform for Phan Freedom, creating and defending great stories, great characters, and superb secondary worlds where Phans everywhere experience: adventure, excitement, and wonder. Dor Vahdor Volume I: Creation, Angels, War is the explosive Supernatural Fantasy and Science Fiction Series of our time that immerses your imagination in a saga forged before time was a thought and reality dawned. Dor Vahdor Volume I: Creation, Angels, War is now available on Barns & Noble and Amazon via the link below:

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