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Two years ago, Novus Renaissance and Epic Talez teamed up and made creative history with our first supernatural fantasy animation episode from “Dor Vahdor Volume I: Creation, Angels, War,” and The Seven Realms During The Great War In Heaven . It’s awesome. But there is more. There is the second episode with a vision for seven, and we want you to be a part of it.

The first episode of “Dor Vahdor The Animated Series” combines original narration, still-motion animation, digital art, sound effects, and the Book I soundtrack. Travel beyond the surly bonds of Earth to a Great War in Heaven’s Seven Realms in massive fusion of supernatural fantasy. Help us succeed with this campaign, and we’ll be able to make the next episode and bring the dynamics of the Book to the screen. Join the team and the story, and let’s bring the world of Dor Vahdor and Preflood Earth to our Present Earth.

Dor Vahdor The Animated Series is adpated from: Dor Vahdor Volume I: Creation, Angels, War. The new explosive Supernatural Fantasy and Science Fiction Series of our time that immerses your imagination in a saga forged before time was a thought and reality dawned. Volume I unleashes the account of eternities’ most ancient, bloody combat. The Legend of Lucifer, Heaven’s Great War, and the beginning of your Adventure in the forgotten world of Preflood Earth, await you! The world of Phans is following us, Are You? Do you Dare to adventure and journey with us and witness Monsters, Giants, Humans, Heroes, Villains, gods, Battle for Supremacy?


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