Dor Vador Schedule of Events – August

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Schedule of events:

-Sat 29 July: Live Stream Epic & AJP: KSC announcement

-Tues 1 Aug: KSC goes live

-Wed 2 Aug: 1st Trailer Drop

-Sat 5 Aug: Live Stream Epic & AJP discuss DVD Animated Series

-Wed 9 Aug: 2nd Trailer Drop, B-Roll & Rewards Video

-Sat 12 Aug: Live Stream Epic & AJP discuss DVD Animated Series, focus: the Non-Final Premier Episode (perhaps you only show (75% and stop the episode right before Morrel’s betrayal (just a thought)).

-Wed 16 Aug: Non-Rewards Episode Premier, No Credits, Big Push on KSC

-Sat 19 Aug: Live Stream Epic & AJP primary discussion, with the last push for the KSC and brief appearance by NovRen, to build momentum for the next live stream

-Wed 23 Aug: last trailer drop and push

-Sat 26 Aug: Liver Stream Epic, AJP, and NovRen discussions on the KSC status, the story, the vision for episode 2, and the excitement to bring you the full rewards episode in September


Check out EpicTalez YouTube channel for livestream events:

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